A Subterranean Paradise

A place for my programs  and other stuff

MP3 Player Things:  

iRiver H3XX .WPS Editor

iRiver H3XX Album Art Manager


A place to publish my efforts at making the things I enjoy most in life, easier. Due to having a number of interests, a number of programs have appeared  in my imagination, with only a few of them making it to the development stage. Due to having no formal training in programming, I cannot guarentee the effectiveness of my efforts, however I do try to publish the source code along with the programs so maybe others will be able to take on and further my work.

 Currently a student in Manchester, England, trying to make ends meet for my course. Interested in caving/potholing, scuba diving and currently teaching myself programming.

If you would like to contact me about anything on this page please use Subterraneanp@googlemail.com