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Humorous Videos

So this bird walks into a store... - not actually a video, it's an animated .gif image. It's a hilarious clip about a shoplifting seagull!

Pacman: Ebay - A hilarious short film!

Window Seat series - The travelling adventures of a most unfortunate airplane passenger.  A must watch!

Amazing Videos

F-15 Landing - An amazing video of how resilient the F-15 can be. I won't say any more because I'll risk giving away the video, but I will say that you simply must watch this.

Educational Videos

Did You Know? Shift Happens  - A great video that gives some very interesting statistics about today and our near future.

 Michael Faraday Practices - A must watch! A interesting video on how a Faraday Cage can be used as a protection device. It's also a great eye opener to see how electricians work on wires while they're live! 

Lightning Strike! - Why not to take shelter under a tree during a thunder storm. 

How to Light a Fire - THE NEW METHOD -  The easiest way to light a fire without matches.