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This portion of the site is dedicated to the things that I deem 'interesting'. Things that would fit in this category would include useful tips (such as the many uses of WD40) and cool facts. 

 So, without further adieu, I give you interesting emails.

The Biker - A humorous short story about a biker (by short I mean <250 words).

Cell phones - good information - This e-mail tells you about several things that you probably didn't know about your cell phone.

How to Hide A Factory - During WWII the US had to hide aircraft factories. Want to know how they did it? Read on!

Interesting Tidbits - This e-mail gives many interesting facts, though  the one about a ducks quack not echoing is still in dispute.

My Kind of Dog - A great look at the first dog to win the Congressional Medal of Honor. 

Polar Pals - A sweet photo sequence.

WD40 Uses - This e-mail gives you many many uses for WD40. It also tells you the history of how it was discovered and commercialized. 

What Happened On The Year You Were Born? - This gives you a link to information about whatever year you were born on (from 1900-2000).

World Clock - This is probably the most interesting clock I've ever seen! It tells more than just the time, It gives constantly updated statistics on diseases, population, production, and more!