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This Email Archive Is run by me, subsider34. I decided to put this up here in order to preserve some of my favorite emails for everyone. Just so you know, this is my third try, as the other two, on Yahoo! Geocities and Websamba failed miserably. Mostly because of my lack of free time to edit HTML code. In any case, enjoy!

Update 6/3/09

Wow it's been a long time since I updated this site, and this is probably my last update to it through the Google Page Creator tool (future updates will be through Google Sites). I went through all my pages and checked for dead links, removing the ones I found.  I replaced them with the hilarious video series "Window Seat".  I also fixed the strange replacement of apostrophes with cent symbols.

Update 12/19/08

I added a hilarious video on the coming Analog-to-Digital TV transition

Update 10/7/08

  It has recently come to my attention that Google is no longer supporting Google Pages and is now transitioning them to Google Sites throughout the year. The reason I felt that I should tell you about this is that my web address might change.

Update 10/6/08

I added the very short story "The Biker" by author(s) unknown. I found it to be a great story for something so short. 

Update 9/12/08

Wow, so it's really been more than a year. I've been having a bit of trouble finding material to put on this site, but I've finally found a great one titled "My Kind of Dog". It details the first dog ever to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. Go Dog!!!

Update 2/23/07

I've added an email to the "Interesting Things" section called Polar Pals. I've been discovering that it's hard to convert e-mails into a format that both prevents spammers from taking people's email addresses and provides a quality experience.

Update 2/22/08

I've been working on an update to this site, so I haven't been keeping up with my duties! Don't worry though, I'll be adding to this archive very soon. Oh, if you hadn't noticed yet, I've abolished the "Cool Images" section of this site. It just didn't seem to fit.

Update 1/2/08

Wow, has it really been more than three months? Anyways, I updated the site again with a few more video links and an interesting page that shows how the US hid aircraft hangars during WWII. Hope you enjoy it! Oh, and I also added a last updated script at the bottom of each page so you'll know when I last updated the page you're looking at.

Update 10/14/07

Finally, updates again! I found a way to post that image I was talking about in the previous post. I posted it on . The clip is in the videos section of my site.

Update 10/09/07

Again, apologies for the lack of constant updates. I've been trying to find e-mails that are worth the effort to put up here. Even once I found some I discovered that Google automatically converts GIF images into JPEG images (couldn't they just go with PNG images).

So while I've updated the Videos section I'd hoped to do more. If anyone finds a way that would allow me to upload a GIF Animated Image and embed it in a web page feel free to email me (contact info is at the bottom of the page).