The Knight Of Lost Cause




Do you have a cause, a lost cause,
A cause to lose?
Look there goes the Knight of Lost Cause,
Ever ready to share your noose.

He rides from East to West
Chasing the sunset which always is miles ahead
Stopping only for lost causes, not rest
Lest before he arrives, some cause is already dead.

What does he get? fun?
Who knows what he does seek.
Will his days ever see the sun?
Passionate for all chances meek.

I warned him before,
I warn him now,
May be he will learn when they laugh at his lore,
May be he will about turn somehow.

'Lose your lost cause alone' he will say,
'I have my own life to lose too!'
But pray,
If he says so, who will fight my lost cause, I have no clue!

- Subodh