Story of a Same Story




It's almost the same story everywhere
Just change a few names here and there

Of sunrises & sunsets, Of starry nights & full moons
Of dark clouds & clear skies, Of rainy mornings & hot after-noons

Of the pen and the pain
Of the seen and the insane
Of birds and bird brains
Of bathing in the Ganges and going down the drains
Of love and heart-breaks
Of spades and rakes
Of swords and spears
Of your and my fears

Of selfless selfishness
Of none of your buisness
Of addictive dizziness
Of this strange oneness

Of what they mean and they don't mean
Of what it is and it has been
Of what they say and they don't say
Of yesterday and today

So on this day let me laugh,
Let me laugh my infectious laugh.

- Subodh