Stolen Dream


Through the serene valley
Shines the tender sun
Up from my peaceful night,
When the stone walls of my house
Bounce its light, I begin my day

At a distance I hear
The mischievous rivulet and rocks play,
With unassuming grace morning birds chirp,
Happy kids run to their school
And under the banyan tree, to school songs they sway

I fulfill my hunger
With volumes of books
I ever so longed to read,
I quench my thirst
With sweet fruits that trees here in abundance lay

I worship the flowers
I worship the bees
I worship the birds
All that I owe them,
To those under the humble banyan, I try to repay

Through the valley again
The sun leaves with another day's promise
The sky turns crimson
This is heaven I know
To natures' beauty I witnessed, I thank and pray

The birds are now in their nests
Into my stone house I too go
I eat the humble meal I cook
And content, I wait
For cicadas to sing me to bed today

Ah, my dream!
I will live it some day
In there, but I see,
Is enough room for you and me
So join me please if you may.

- Subodh