Welcome to my home, my new home
The old one was washed away by the waters of the dam
Though my brother in the neighbouring village hasn't yet got any.

Did you meet my elder son?
He works in the city now
The Prince whose mother once ruled, shakes his hand
Management gurus pay him a visit
Because he excells at tiffin delivering.

Don't talk of my younger one
He said he gathered from the forest
Why then did they put him under arrest?
They framed POTA, surely they don't lie.

My younger daughter was married off far away
Did not see her since her wedding day
Except when her in-laws hit her back for dowry which I did pay.

The eldest of all kids, she's long dead
Such a disgrace and waste
Got raped by upper caste chaste.

My wife is ailing
Some say the ground here is gifted with arsenic
I wonder how come no middle man is interested in selling?

In my village guests were once offered milk
But the old cow died of heat
And there isn't water even to wash your face
Use this tissue which the earlier ones left.

Inspite of all, I have not lost my honour
Sit a while, I will get you a cola from the corner.
Welcome to my home.

- Subodh