Random Ramblings Of A Wandering Soul



Salutatory. And to the revolutionary privileges provided by the advent of the PC, the easily accessible net connection and free hosting.

Here I plan to publish (or may be blish, if you please, standing for web + publish as they fancy these days) all my attempts at verse, which might not, by means any other than the net  be read at all.


Just too many expectations I say...... Now I plan to upload here a few of my short-stories as well as some recipes I concocted and friends & family liked........ Lets see when I start working towards these goals.....

And if anyone wants to say something to me, sorry google-pages do not support comments, but you can mail me here: subodh.khanolkar@gmail.com



Random Ramblings : Untitled Thoughts



Like the May flower that hides from seasons
To bloom and then wither in a fortnight

Like they share your burden
Before they burden your share

Like the change you want
Could make you want more change

Like you grow lonely before you are
And you seek solitude even when you are

Like cola was invented to answer your headache
While the rum you drink it with gives you one

Like the wish that humans could be generalised
But the need that barriers be broken

Like the silence you hate because you hate such thoughts
Still the silence you long-for to give them an ear


- Subodh