Submission Works Review: Top 5 Reasons I use them

I have seen a number of different reviews on the Submission Works program, with the vast majority of them being positive. I too have had very positive results, but wanted to do a review that went a little deeper into specifically what it is that I like about Submission Works. The other reviews I have seen tend to be blanket positive statements that don’t really tell you too much, so here are the 5 top reasons why I use Submission Works and keep coming back for more.

  1. Ease of Use - There are many programs that claim to help you make money without any effort on your part, but Submission Works is the only one that I have seen that can actually back up that claim. Once you have signed up, all you need to do is go into the member’s area and add URL links you want to promote, then sit back and watch as the visitors start coming to your sites. That said, if you are not getting the sales or sign-ups you want, you might consider putting in some work to make your offering more attractive to visitors.

  2. Multiple Links - Purchasing advertising usually means having to pay for each program or product that you are promoting separately. With Submission Works you can add up to 7 different links that you want to promote. Even if you only have one item to promote, you can still create 7 different landing pages to get an idea of which ones are delivering the most sales and sign-ups. This can really help in your marketing efforts.

  3. Price - I have been promoting MLM opportunities and affiliate marketing sites for as long as I can remember, and I have literally spent thousands of dollars in advertising in the process. Finding out that a certain system or program doesn’t work can be a costly one, but not only does Submission Works deliver the way it says it will, it does so for less than $60 per month. You can promote 7 different programs for $60, with no other method of advertising needed in order to be successful. I wasn’t able to market a single program successfully for that price before Submission Works came along, never mind seven.

  4. Time Saving - Do you have any idea how much time you have to commit to marketing seven different programs on your own? I do, and let me tell you doing so has cost me more than one relationship. Submission Works does all the hard work for me, freeing up all kinds of time for me to look for and develop new programs, as well as having the time to respond to the leads that the SW program delivers for me.

  5. Results - All of the items listed above would mean nothing if Submission Works didn’t deliver the goods. It has worked for me and has helped me create a second income that has me contemplating quitting my "real job.” I recommend you give it a try of you haven’t already.
Pat Harrington