Kenmore/Whirlpool/Estate/Roper Dryer Pics

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To get to the heating element on most of these dryers you remove the back dust cover:
1. Hi Limit (small limit upper right hand side of this pic) 
 the most frequent problem if dryer RUNS but no heat AND you have
 checked the element and found it to be good.
2.  Heater assembly. 7. Control thermostat(s).
5. Fuse(350F), if blown(open) the dryer will NOT run. 4. Heater element
(if you do not have a meter remove and inspect this heater coil for breaks).
Lets look closer at that heater assembly:
The small limit on the top(300F) will blow if the duct is stopped up
The bottom fuse is its cousin(250F), they are partners in crime.
When one fails both are bad and both come in a kit. The dryer
will however run even if these guys are open(bad). FYI: This picture
is a newer model and the element is held by 2 screws, not nearly
as hard as the old style above to replace.
  Clogged outside vent
You will need to bust the dryer open to get to all of the lint,
inspect the rollers and belt. Start by yanking out the filter.
Remove those 2 phillips screws in the top of the filter housing so you can pop the top.
Get the screws out that hold the front panel on. Important: lift UP the front panel to release the lower clips to prevent  them from breaking! Get the drum out. Oil the rollers and idler assembly,
 Vacuum it all out real good. Oil the Idler using  non-flammable, high temperature
resistance, zoomspout oil. (ace hardware $3).
Here is a good shot of how the belt ought to look all propah like:
As you can see the belt goes between the idler . Insert the idler into the floor and yank
upwards, loop the belt through the idler and over the motor pully. This creates tension. 
NOTE: If you have a friend hold the drum up for you while you install the belt it is much
 easier. Be sure the belt is not twisted or when you start the dryer the belt will be cut in two.

 Bonus stuff: Dryer of tomorrow
Here is a pic of a 4 wheel drive dryer. This dryer by the way cannot be accessed from the
rear at all. You pop the kick plate's spring clips on top the bottom panel to access the heater and limits.
The idea being ease of maintenance.
This dryer has more than one fuse.
Note the location of the various fuses. Some folk call this the DOT dryer.
Dryer of tomorrow. I call it the P. I .T .A. dryer. Go figure.
To get inside this one you flip the controls like a direct drive top load washer
You remove 3 hex head screws and slide the top towards you.
You back off or remove some screws below the door, remove the door springs
and then remove the screws up top that hold the inner panel to the frame.
This dryer has 4 wheels, 2 in front and 2 in back. The Idler is located to the
 left and has to be routed blind with your arms.
This dryer has a moisture sensing wire that attaches right beside the filter.
Here is a DOT dryer manual that features moisture sensing control.

Latest video from repair clinic this dryer is the poster child of the DOT dryer of old:
Late model TECH SHEET FROM PC DRIVEN dryer with dot characteristics

Cabrio dryer

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