On a whirlpool/kenmore/Roper/Englis dryer the fuse( part # 3392519) is located here on the back. If the lid switch is good then this skinny white fuse causes the dryer to be dead in the water. UNLESS you have a gas dryer in which case it will still run but the gas assembly will be dead.
This next picture is that of a maytag electric dryer element with fuse and high limit LA-1053 kit come with 2 limits one for gas 250F one for electric 300F color coded with a pink or yellow dot and a 250 limit which mounts above the element.
 All this stuff is located on the upper rear wall of the dryer. The top must be popped to get to these. Or 2 screws are removed near the base of the front panel and then that panel comes off. The fuse has 2 white wire and is mounted with a clip using the same screw that holds the heating element. Clever ain't it? If that fuse is dead, she won't run.
This next picture is of a frigidaire/westinghouse/gibson dryer, as you can see the fuse(part #134120900) is located in the upper right hand corner. To get to it you must pop the top and remove the front, get the drum out and clean the dryer. Lint buildup cause these fuses to blow.
What I mean by popping the top is so hard to express in words so I thought I may show you a picture of what I am talking about. Most all brands are accessed except GE which has screws hidden in the door well holding down the top.
Once you get the top up it is simple to get the front off. Don't forget how the wires go on the door switch.Some of them have a lightbulb so it is possible to screw up if you are dealing with more than 3 wires.GE/Hotpoint has a fuse mounted on the heating element pan in the rear of the dryer. WE4X800 is the part number. The fuse on the Amana/Speed Queen models is mounted on the heating element. All these fuses blow because of lint buildup so make sure you vacuum out the dryer real good or you will just have to keep replacing fuses.