Whirlpool/Kenmore Washing machine Direct Drive Coupler Repair and more

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding down the control panel,then swing it upwards.

Use a flat blade screwdriver to pop these Clips

Unplug the lid switch connection.

 Tip the case forward and remove it.You will now be able to repair the washer!


 FYI: The lid must be closed for spin on older washer. It must be closed for wash and spin on newer ones. The lid has a striker in it that pushes against the lid switch arm. This switch allows for spin IF the lid is closed. The switch may have failed. Mechanically the striker may be broken or the actuator arm may be broken. The end that the harness plugs into has 3 holes. As you can see above the lid switch has 3 wires. 2 live wires and one green ground. You can jump the washer out using a horseshoe shaped wire or equivilent. Newer models have the ground wire on one end. Not good! Look for that before attempting to jump it out. At any rate their are 3 wires. One of them is always green and always mounted to the frame. The other 2 are live. You can jump them to magically make that puppy spin and pump. Not recommended to leave it that way. For testing purposes only.

Latest washer from these folks has a electric pump Just thought I would throw this one in. Me and Larry yall:
 here is a broken lid switch
A 3 piece drive coupling

NOTE: some newer models have the screw hidden

Others have it in the rear as shown here.
Still newer ones have no screw at all, just spring clips.
Hay we don't need no stinking screws.

Here is a view of the washer with the case removed.

To get to the broken coupling
remove the pump first then
the motor,both are held
together with quick clips.
pictured here is a broken drive coupling.

Line up the new part and replace
the motor, pump, and
case in reverse order.
 This looks hard but if you take
 your time it is easy enough to save you big bucks!

If the coupling is ok the next thing to look for is a broken basket drive cam driver

Look for oil on your washer case:

You see this you need to replace the transmission cover seal and probably add a little gear oil.
Use brake cleaner to clean up that slipping clutch from all of that grease.
How to replace that clutch:

If that and the clutch checks out yall need to get into that tranny and inspect the main drive gear

If the brake cam actuator is all proper the next thing to do is remove the tranny, get the clutch off and remove the top cover of the tranny (this is not a hard fix) the main gear and pinion
 along with the spin pawl are available. Don't miss the: How to rebuild the tranny video at the very bottom of this page!        



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BONUS Stuff:

Inside that tranny is a plastic drive gear. If yall are certain all other thangs are cool then get inside that tranny and inspect the main drive pulley:
If the main gear is fine, remove it and check for a smashed spin pawl under there.
If the spin pawl is ok it should look like this:
If that spin pawl looks as good as this one then stop and go no farther my friend because you are about to enter into the twilight zone. that was good wasn't it? LOL
Their is one other component that can screw up the works and that is the cam riser.  Researching.
OK I found an excellent video which shows how to rebuild the gearcase: