Refrigerator problems

Water is pooling up under the crispers: defrost drain is stopped up. When the ice box defrosts the water has to go somewhere. If the drain is stopped up then it will cascade down the rear walls of the ice box and pool up under the crispers. Solution? Clear the drain using hot water, hair dryer, shop air, remove the object blocking the drain. Door gaskets that are worn or broken will allow for air to get into the ice box and excessive moisture will build up.
Freezer is frosting up, fresh food section is warm: bad fan motor, defrost drain stopped up and forming slab of ice between the freezer and the fresh food section. Solution: check heaters and terminator(defrost thermostat) unplug the ice box and let it defrost completely. Clear objects from drain. Check timer. Note to find the location of your timer look up your model number online here: APPLIANCEPARTSPROS.COM
Refrigerator dead: it may be that the defrost timer has went into defrost and got hung up there. Twist the timer around several times and it may start working till you can get another.
Refrigerator runs all the time: The thermostat is fried (internal contacts stuck together) replace it.
Compressor won't run: burned up relay. Remove the relay from the compressor and shake it. If small particles come out or it sounds like a salt shaker or there is no sound at all or it smells and looks burned then it is bad. Replace it. 
Freezer getting warmer freshfood not cool at all: Check under the bottom for the fan motor to be running and the cob webs, dust, dirt, and pet hair, off the condenser coils. If the fan underneath has quit then the ice box won't get cold.
Everything is freezing over in the bottom and the top. Bad cold control.
Do I need freon? 99% of the time NO. Most of the time it is a dirty coils problem or a bad fan motor, unless you have a leak. Since the ice box only holds 4 ounces of freon it would quit cooling at all in a short time if it had a leak.Their would be no halfway cooling, not for long anyway.
             The basic manual is for a beginner, it is a teaching tool

                    AMANA SxS with Modular ice maker
          This amana manual has a very nice section in
            back that features modular ice maker repair

                              BOSCH MANUAL

                             Monogram Manual

                              KitchenAid SxS

                      GE LATE MODEL SxS MANUAL
                                  F&P  Reefer

                                  F&P Freezer

Note I have blown the bandwidth all to hell on this site. More manual are at FOGGY'S BLOG
GE hotline:
800-626-2000 Answer Line
800-626-2224 GE Service
Once temp is set, the temp display will return to the

actual refrigerator temperature after 5 seconds. Allow

refrigerator to reach the temp you have set.

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