Gas oven won't work, Ignitor is glowing

 Everything in the circuit must have continuity for the oven to fire up. What if the ignitor glows but the oven will still not come on? If the ignitor is glowing that would mean you have a circuit.
 Solution: Replace the ignitor, even if it comes on. Why? Because 99% of the time the ignitor is weak. When it is working fine it should be so bright you cannot look at it for long. If it is a mellow orange color it is bad, replace it. The only way the gas oven valve
would be bad is if it is open and has no continuity. That goes for the control as well.
Check out this simple diagram of how a basic gas range operates.
    oven ignitor
An ignitor must draw at least 3.5 amps or that safety valve will not open up and release the gas:
.    Click on image to see it in motion

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