How do I light the pilot?

Most all space heaters and wall heaters follow the same proceedure so here goes:
Move the heater's gas valve knob to the PILOT position Press down the knob and light the pilot.
Wait 2 minutes for the tip of the thermocouple to heat up.
Release the knob. If the pilot stays lit,

                                  pilot light all pretty and blue

move the knob to the ON position. Turn the thermostat up. Note: if it is warm in the room the thermostat may not bring on the heater till the temperature drops. I bet some of yall are saying well it is cold as hell in here right now. When you press the button down in the PILOT position you a mashing against a spring loaded electro-magnet. The tip of the pilot thermocouple is like a battery when it gets heated. Two opposing metals (copper and nickle) will produce electricity when heated up.

 The most common problem associated with pilot lighting failure is a bad thermocouple. Or a crappy pilot flame. Moving the knob to the ON position allows for the gas valve's operator and thermostat to be in the HEAT mode. Failure to advance it into the ON position will keep the burners from coming on. If the pilot goes out after several minutes check the above page.
Remember when the main burner comes on the fan will not run until the fan/limit bi-metal twists around and turns on the fan (120f).

The Williams mid sized ceramic heater is just about as simple as it gets. The 710-205 gas valve has a mercury bulb thermostat built into it with a green knob to adjust the heat from hi to lo.
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