Central Gas Furnace Quickly shuts down

It is getting colder now and some folks are turning on their
 heaters only to get no heat. The problem is the flame sensor most of the time:

They get contaminated and will not sense ignition.
If the brain does not get a signal of ignition it will think raw gas is
coming out and it will check 3 or 4 more times. Within 20 seconds
it will shut down the gas valve. Replace this sensor or clean it real
good with Emory cloth or a Brillo pad. Also take a look at all connections
 from the burner to the control. A loose or corroded wire will not get a signal
back to headquarters that ignition has occurred and the dang thang will shut
 down.The control might be bad but make damn sure it ain't something simple
 before you go blowing money on non refundable parts.LOL!

This one shows a sensor (electronic thermocouple) getting cleaned up and furnace all nice nice again.

This is how dat furnace ought to run all propah like: a must see 2 minute movie.

This guy (Rich I believe his name is) has a bunch of very nice tips on furnace repair:

  HVAC FOR BEGINNERS  a must see I must say!

This video is of a carrier furnace. It has a simple bi-metal pilot light.
A tiny glow coil ignites the pilot. This one sounds as if they have a reigniter
added (the snapping sound).The pilot heats the bi-metal fingers (leafs) they
 touch when heated and 2 wires go off from there to the gas valve operator
 and kawoosh! We has heat.But having to bump the thang everytime ta get it
going is a pain in the ass. I would replace that pilot assembly. $60 bucks
                             Can yas feel the warmth?

                                        It Gittin Hot in Here! LOL 

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