Central air conditioning problems

                                                      INSIDE DIRTY A-COIL BLUES
The most common question lately is: Why does my inside coil freeze up? Do I need freon?
The answer is almost 99% of the time NO!. The main problem is a dirty A-coil. Hair,dust.and slime get into the coil making it less efficient. The wind does not flow across the coil as designed. The freon begins to pool up and liquify inside the coil. Ice begins to form and less air flows through. A thin slab of ice forms and gets thicker and thicker till the air shuts down almost completely. What can be done? Get a soft bristle brush and remove most of the stuff you can from that A-coil. Then buy a can of non rinse foaming cooling coil cleaner.

Spray it on the coil and its deep penetrating power will draw out the dirt and dust. The foam will drain down int the pan and out the drain line. Changing the filter often helps too. Another thing to look at is this time of year. During the day the heat can get pretty bad here in the south,but at night the heat drops quickly, so if you have your thermostat set too cold, then the A-coil will sometimes ice over even if it is clean. Of course if you have a set of gauges then the low side pressure should be around 68 PSI. Using R-22 freon 68 PSI should give you 40 degrees across the A-coil. That is the ideal temp.
If the blower motor slows down their can be problems also. The heavyness from the junk that builds up on the blower itself can cause problems for the motor. Like the outside the inside motor may have a capacitor to drive it. These capacitor driven motors by the way are way more energy efficient than an old motor known as a shaded-pole motor. The shaded pole motor is gone bye bye baby, it is your grandpas old I do not give a damn how much energy i use my power bill is only $3 a month( his bill was always paid late by the way, I have proof) So you need to use some quality non flammable hi temp/vicosity  oil and that would be you guessed it: Zoomspout oil.