Subha weds Meenaks

Ganesha Statue collection

piLLaiyaar (Lord Ganesha), the elephant headed god of the Hindu pantheon, is my favourite god-figure. The unique aspects of his form and shape have always attracted the artistic corners of my mind. I believe these aspects provide for several mind-boggling interpretations, allowing the fertile imagination of human beings to run riot. He is perhaps one of the few divine characters who has been represented in numerous forms and sizes and shapes. The quest for the artistic touch in representing him is a quest for divinity itself, according to me.

It has been my hobby for many years to collect miniature statuettes and idols of this enterprising god. Whenever I visit any temple in South India, I go around the neighbourhood shops to hunt for new versions of piLLaiyaar. And lo behold, each and every time I have ended up with very cute and stunning stuff.

I thought the auspicious occasion of my wedding is a great time to showcase a part of my prized possessions. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and enjoy the dharshan..!!


The Majestic Saviour

This is majestic representation where He is sitting on his transportation provider, "moonjuru"

Material: Wood


Causual Sitters

One of the after effects of eating a lot of His favourite 'kozukattai', I guess

Material: Synthetic alloys & plastic


Fisherman's Friend

A very unique representation, rather in the mode of a mermaid

Material: Alloy metal


Glassy 'n Glossy

Transparent and colourful works

Material: Glass and crystal


Four faced, a la Brahma

Another prized possession where the figure has four faces, each facing a different direction

Material: Stone


Musically Yours

He sure is musically inclined too

Material: Synthetic alloys & Plastic



This is a very unusual representation with a snake on top

Material: Synthetic alloys and wood


Made out of sea shells

Very interesting make

Material: Self-explanatory


'Stand'ard Bearers

Ganesha in a standing pose is quite rare

Material: Wood, stone, alloy metal, etc


Five-faced & under the tree

The figure in the centre is the 'pancha-muga' or the five-faced

The two on the sides represent sitting under the peepal tree, His usual abode

Material: Wood


Colourful presence

I thought this was a very colourful representation, what with the umbrella and all

Material: Wood


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