Research: Subhasish M. Chowdhury

My main research areas are Contest Theory, Industrial Organization and Behavioral Economics. Lists of publications and working papers are given below.

1.  Chowdhury, S.M., & Sheremeta, R.M. (2014). Strategically Equivalent Contests, Theory and Decision, Forthcoming   (PDF)
2.  Chowdhury, S.M., Lee, D., & Sheremeta, R.M. (2013). Top Guns May Not Fire: Best-Shot Group Contests with Group-Specific Public Good Prizes, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 92, 94-103   (PDF)
3.  Chowdhury, S.M., Kovenock, D., & Sheremeta, R.M. (2013). An Experimental Investigation of Colonel Blotto Games, Economic Theory, 52 (3), 833-861  (Lead Article),  (PDF)
4.  Chowdhury, S.M., & Sheremeta, R.M. (2011). Multiple Equilibria in Tullock Contests, Economics Letters, 112, 216-219 (PDF)
5.  Chowdhury, S.M., & Sheremeta, R.M. (2011). A Generalized Tullock ContestPublic Choice, 147 (3), 413-420 (PDF)
6.  Chowdhury, S.M., & Datta, D. (2009). Indian Telecom: Regulation, Spectrum Allocation and Dispute ManagementIIMB Mgmt Review, 21(4), 287-296  (Lead Article), (PDF)
Unpublished manuscripts
Contest theory
1.  The All-pay Auction with Non-monotonic Payoff (PDF)
2.  A Combinatorial Multiple-winner Contest with Package Designer Preferences (w/ D. Kovenock) (PDF)
3.  Group Contests with Internal Conflict and Power Asymmetry (w/ J. P. Choi, & J. Kim) (PDF)
4.  The Max-Min Group Contest (w/ D. Lee and I. Topolyan) (PDF)
5.  The Attack-and-Defense Group Contests (w/ I. Topolyan) (PDF)
6.  A Note on Multi-winner Contest Mechanisms (w/ S. Kim)  (PDF)
7.   Sabotage in Handicap Contests (w/ A. Brown) (PDF
8.   Sabotage in Contests: A Survey (w/ O.Gürtler) (PDF
9.   Matching Protocol in Contest Experiments (w/ K.H. Baik, & A. Ramalingam) (PDF)
10.  Resources for Conflict: Constraint or Wealth? (w/ K.H. Baik, & A. Ramalingam)   (PDF)
11.  Overbidding and overspreading in rent-seeking experiments: Cost structure and prize allocation rules  (w/ R. Sheremeta, & T. Turocy) (PDF)
Behavioral Economics

12.  Income Effect and Altruism (w/ J. Jeon) (PDF)       This research was Highlighted by the ESRC

13.  Altruism, Anticipation, and Gender (w/ J. Jeon) (PDF)

Industrial Organization

14.  Exclusivity and Exclusion in Platform Markets (w/ S. Martin) (PDF)

15.  Innovation Races with the Possibility of Failure (w/ S. Martin) (PDF  and   Technical Appendix)
16.  Product Quality and Business Contracts: Intermediary Crude Oil Pricing in a Southwest-US Regional Market (w/ O. De, & S. Martin) (PDF
17.  Anti-trust and the ‘Beckerian Proposition’: the Effects of Investigation and Fines on Cartels (w/ F. Wandschneider)  (PDF)
18.  An Experimental Analysis of Anti-trust Enforcement under Avoidance (w/ F. Wandschneider) (PDF)
Research in progress (Titles are tentative)
Contest theory
1.  Identity and Group Conflict (w/ J. Jeon and A. Ramalingam)
2.  Focality and Asymmetry in Multi-battle Contests (w/ D. Kovenock, D. Rojo-Arjona, and N. Wilcox)
Behavioral Economics
3.  Identity, Concession, and Punishment in Coordination Games (w/ Z. Bett)
4.  Eye-Spots: Social Cue or Experimenter Demand Effect? (w/ J. Jeon and B. Saha)
5.  Framing, Property Rights and Gender in Dictator Games (w/ J. Jeon and B. Saha)
Industrial Organization
6.  The Substitutability of the Magnitude and the Likelihood of Anti-trust Fines under Avoidance Activities (w/ F. Wandschneider) 
7.  Profitability, Multi-market Contact, and Collusion (w/ S.W. Davies, J. Jeon, and F. Wandschneider) 
8.  Raising Rival's Cost: A Survey (w/ O.Gürtler)