Research: Subhasish M. Chowdhury

My main research areas are Contest Theory, Industrial Organization and Behavioral Economics. Lists of publications and working papers are given below. Note that most of the publications are open access and you can access them directly from here.

1.   Choi, J.P, Chowdhury, S.M., & Kim, J. (2015). Group Contests with Internal Conflict and Power Asymmetry, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Conditionally Accepted.   (PDF)

2.   Chowdhury, S.M., & Sheremeta, R.M. (2015). Strategically Equivalent Contests, Theory and Decision, 78(4), 587-601.   (PDF)

3.   Chowdhury, S.M., & Kim, S.H. (2014). A Note on Multi-winner Contest Mechanisms, Economics Letters, 125, 357-359.   (PDF)

4.   Chowdhury, S.M., & Jeon, J. (2014). Impure Altruism or Inequality Aversion?: An Experimental Investigation Based on Income Effects, Journal of Public Economics, 118, 143-150  (PDF)        This research was also Highlighted by the ESRC

5.   Chowdhury, S.M., Sheremeta, R.M., & Turocy, T.  (2014). Overbidding and overspreading in rent-seeking experiments: Cost structure and prize allocation rulesGames and Economic Behavior, 87, 224-238   (PDF)
6.   Chowdhury, S.M., Lee, D., & Sheremeta, R.M. (2013). Top Guns May Not Fire: Best-Shot Group Contests with Group-Specific Public Good Prizes, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 92, 94-103   (PDF)
7.   Chowdhury, S.M., Kovenock, D., & Sheremeta, R.M. (2013). An Experimental Investigation of Colonel Blotto Games, Economic Theory, 52 (3), 833-861  (Lead Article),  (PDF)
8.   Chowdhury, S.M., & Sheremeta, R.M. (2011). Multiple Equilibria in Tullock Contests, Economics Letters, 112, 216-219 (PDF)
9.   Chowdhury, S.M., & Sheremeta, R.M. (2011). A Generalized Tullock ContestPublic Choice, 147 (3), 413-420 (PDF)
10.  Chowdhury, S.M., & Datta, D. (2009). Indian Telecom: Regulation, Spectrum Allocation and Dispute ManagementIIMB Mgmt Review, 21(4), 287-296  (Lead Article), (PDF)
Unpublished manuscripts
Contest theory
1.  The All-pay Auction with Non-monotonic Payoff (PDF)
2.   A Combinatorial Multiple-winner Contest with Package Designer Preferences (w/ D. Kovenock) (PDF)
3.  The Max-Min Group Contest: Weakest-link (Group) All-pay Auction (w/ D. Lee and I. Topolyan) (PDF)
4.  The Attack-and-Defense Group Contests: Best-shot versus Weakest-link (w/ I. Topolyan) (PDF)

5.  The Group All-pay Auction with Heterogeneous Impact Functions (w/ I. Topolyan) (PDF)

6.   The Hidden Perils of Affirmative Action: Sabotage in Handicap Contests (w/ A. Brown) (PDF
7.   Sabotage in Contests: A Survey (w/ O.Gürtler) (PDF
8.   Matching Protocol in Contest Experiments (w/ K.H. Baik, & A. Ramalingam) (PDF)
9.   Resources for Conflict: Constraint or Wealth? (w/ K.H. Baik, & A. Ramalingam)   (PDF)
10.  Identity and Group Conflict (w/ J. Jeon, & A. Ramalingam)   (PDF)
Behavioral Economics

11  Altruism, Anticipation, and Gender (w/ J. Jeon) (PDF)

12.  Eye-image in Experiments: Social Cue or Experimenter Demand Effect? (w/ J. Jeon, & B. Saha) (PDF)

13.  Giving, Taking and Gender in Dictator Games (w/ J. Jeon, & B. Saha) (w/ J. Jeon) (PDF)

Industrial Organization

14.  Exclusivity and Exclusion in Platform Markets (w/ S. Martin) (PDF)

15.  Innovation Races with the Possibility of Failure (w/ S. Martin) (PDF  and   Technical Appendix)
16.  Product Quality and Business Contracts: Intermediary Crude Oil Pricing in a Southwest-US Regional Market (w/ O. De, & S. Martin) (PDF
17.  Anti-trust and the ‘Beckerian Proposition’: the Effects of Investigation and Fines on Cartels (w/ F. Wandschneider)  (PDF)
18.  An Experimental Analysis of Anti-trust Enforcement under Avoidance (w/ F. Wandschneider) (PDF)

19.  Post-Cartel Tacit Collusion: Determinants, Consequences, and Prevention (w/ C. Crede) (PDF)
Research in progress (Titles are tentative)

1. Focality and Asymmetry in Multi-battle Contests (w/ D. Kovenock, D. Rojo-Arjona, and N. Wilcox)
2.  Identity, Concession, and Punishment in Coordination Games (w/ Z. Bett)

3.  The Substitutability of the Magnitude and the Likelihood of Anti-trust Fines under Avoidance Activities (w/ F. Wandschneider) 
4.  Profitability, Multi-market Contact, and Collusion (w/ S.W. Davies, J. Jeon, and F. Wandschneider)