Subhash Lakshminarayana

Welcome to my webpage! I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of Warwick in UK. I am associated with the Connected Systems Lab research group.

The easiest way to reach me is by e-mail : Subhash DOT Lakshminarayana AT warwick DOT ac DOT uk.
Phone: +44 (0)2476524726.

I am currently looking for highly motivated students to pursue PhD in the field of cyber-physical system security. Please refer to the Openings page for more details. 

Research Interests

My research applies modeling, optimization and control-based methods in three broad application areas:
  • Security of Cyber-Physical Systems (Power Grids/Electrified transportation systems)
  • Power grid Optimization and Control
  • Wireless Communications and Signal Processing.  
A link to my google scholar page can be found here

  • Best 50 Papers at Globecom-2014 (50 out of 2171 papers)
  • "Best Conference Papers on Integration of Renewable & Intermittent Resources" at IEEE Power Energy Society General Meeting (PESGM) - 2015.

  • [05/2019] I gave a talk at the Warwick Energy Forum - 2019 titled - "Data Integrity Attack Against Power Grids: A Cyber-Physical Approach". [slides]
  • [04/2019] I serve as a TPC member for IEEE SmartGridComm-2019, Globecom - 2019, WiOpt - 2019 and PIMRC-2019 conferences.
  • [03/2019] Our paper titled "Performance and Resilience of Cyber-Physical Control Systems with Reactive Attack Mitigation" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Trans. on Smart Grid. [preprint]
  • [11/2018] I gave a talk at the School of Computing - Security Group Seminar at the University of Kent titled - "On False Data Injection Attack Against Power Grid State Estimation and Countermeasure".
  • [08/2018] I have now joined The University of Warwick's School of Engineering as an assistant professor.