Interventricular foramina

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K&W don't mention the interventricular foramina. 

Interventricular foramina (Wiki   
    "In the brain, the interventricular foramina (or foramina of Monro) are channels that connect the paired lateral ventricles with the third ventricle at the midline of the brain. "  

The lateral ventricles connected to the third ventricle by the interventricular foramina.   

    "As channels, they allow cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) produced in the lateral ventricles to reach the third ventricle and then the rest of the brain's ventricular system. They also contain choroid plexus, a specialized CSF-producing structure, that is continuous with that of the lateral and third ventricles.



The crescent-shaped interventricular foramina are located on the medial and inferior aspect of the lateral ventricles. Each foramen is bounded by the fornix and thalamus. The lumens of the foramina have a diameter of several millimeters."