Inhibition of Locomotion in Lampreys

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Reticulospinal neurones provide monosynaptic glycinergic inhibition of spinal neurones in lamprey.   
In lamprey, distinct groups of reticulospinal neurones utilize different neurotransmitters such as glutamate or serotonin. The present study demonstrates that a group of reticulospinal neurones inhibit their target neurones by an action on glycine receptors.  
    Simultaneous intracellular recordings from a reticulospinal neurone and spinal target neurone shows that the former may evoke an IPSP in the latter. These IPSPs are elicited at a constant latency and amplitude, and follow high frequency stimulation (100 Hz). Furthermore, the IPSPs are maintained when the excitatory amino acid synaptic transmission is blocked, suggesting that the effects are not elicited via a powerful disynaptic pathway.  
    These data taken together establish the monosynaptic nature of the pathway. IPSPs elicited from single reticulospinal neurones or from electrical stimulation of the reticular formation are suppressed by administration of strychnine, suggesting that glycine is the neurotransmitter of these inhibitory reticulospinal neurones."  
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    The inhibitory neurotransmitter seems to be glycine rather than GABA, however, this reference seems to be using bath-applied ligands in addition to electrical stimulation and monitoring.     
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Descending GABAergic projections to the mesencephalic locomotor region in the lamprey Petromyzon marinus.  

    "These results suggest that the GABAergic projections to the MLR modulate the activity of MLR neurons, which would be inhibited by GABA at rest."  
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Diencephalic Locomotor Region in the Lamprey      
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Evolution of the basal ganglia: dual-output pathways conserved throughout vertebrate phylogeny.
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