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Perinatal Behavior

My main goal is to provide a physiological basis for human behavior, and I've decided to start with locomotion since locomotion can be observed easily and objectively.   


Amphioxus Locomotion 
Lamprey Locomotion   
        Activity of Reticulospinal Neurons During Locomotion    
            Initiation of Locomotion in Lampreys    
            Inhibition of Locomotion in Lampreys    
        Excitation vs. Inhibition   
    Salamander Locomotion    

    Reticulospinal Transmission         

     Diencephaloreticular Transmission    

     Thalamic Neurotransmitters    

    Locomotion Sequence   

     Locomotion Sequence Revision   

     Sensory Input    


     Teleost Prey Catching   

     Anurian Prey Catching   

Amphioxus Neurotransmitters     
        Amphioxus GABA    
    Lamprey Neurotransmitters                          
        Lamprey GABA 
    Lamprey Cerebellum   

        GABA/Glycine Inhibition   
         Tonic Inhibition    
            Cerebellum Tonic Inhibition       
        Behavioral Disinhibition   
        GABA Testosterone   

    Salamander Neurotransmitters   
        Salamander GABA   

Motor Programs     

Motor Neuron Evolution   

Amygdaloid-Hippocampal Convergence        

Perinatal Behavior


Tract Details     

Tract Neurotransmitters   

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