Referee Guide

Rule 1: Referee's obligations 
1.1. A referee shall be appointed to monitor each game of an F.I.S.T.F. competition event. He shall be in total  control of the game for the duration, including the half time intervals. He shall announce any breach of the rules and give swift and clear instructions according to the international sport table football rules and by applying the international referee’s vocabulary. 

1.2. The referee shall enforce the rules of the game but may refrain from penalizing in case the offending player requests to play on. The offended player may not accept an awarded sanction subsequently after having played on. 

1.3. The referee shall interrupt the game on the occasions defined by the rules and whenever he assumes it to be necessary in order to clarify or verify a specific or unclear situation.  If in case of a questionable situation, the attacker keeps on playing without giving the referee the opportunity to interrupt the game in order 
to clarify or verify the regarded situation, the referee shall decide in favor of the defender. 

1.4. The referee's decision is final. In case of uncertainty, the referee may interrupt the match and ask the head referee for advice. 

1.5. Before flick-off the referee shall verify the  identity of the performing players and control the conformity of the used equipment with FISTF regulations. 

1.6. The referee shall be the sole match timer, keeping track with his/her own watch. In case of delaying interruptions of the match or in case of time wasting by one or the other player, the referee shall consider lost time to be played at the end of the regarded time interval.  

1.7. The referee shall fill out the match-report form and hand it back to the head referee immediately after the match has been finished. 

1.8. The referee shall wear the official referee’s  uniform or a tracksuit during the match. The competition organizer has the competence to oblige referees to perform in sports shoes.  

Rule 2: Linesman 
A linesman may be appointed to assist the referee.  He may draw the referee’s attention to any breach of the rules and may support the referee with other requested assistance.