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G3XBM VLF Grabber

Location JO02dg - near Cambridge UK
Check the date in the top left of the screen to see if active.

This grabber is not on continuously.

It is only made available when the PC is free, and I am here, for specific tests. Usual frequency is around 8.970kHz with FFT setting of 424uHz. If you would like the grabber switched on for specific tests at any VLF frequency then please let me know in advance to allow me time to set up the grabber and get Spectrum Lab running. This usually takes 1-2 hours depending on FFT settings.

The grabber is able to see DJ8WX, G3XIZ, DK7FC/P well and OE5ODL has been copied very marginally.

The antenna is usually one of these (I am experimenting to find which gives the best results).

(a) 80m square vertical wire loop
(b) earth electrode pair with elevated feed wire (loop with partial ground return).
(c) E-field probe