University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Vitoria-Gasteiz
Salon de Grados, Faculty of Arts

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Wednesday, September 11

 9:00-9:45 Registration
 9:45-10:00 Opening Remarks
10:00-10:45 Benjamin Spector
Homogeneity and plurals: from the stronger meaning hypothesis to supervaluations slides video
10:45-11:30 Corien Bary and Emar Maier
Unembedded indirect discourse slides video
11:30-12:00 Coffee break
12:00-12:45 Guillaume Thomas
Circumstantial modality and the diversity condition video
12:45-13:30 Andreea Nicolae
Encoding strength of exhaustivity within the question nucleus handout video
13:30-15:30  Lunch break
15:30-16:15  Florian Schwarz and Jacopo Romoli 
An experimental comparison between presuppositions and indirect scalar implicatures slides video
16:15-17:45 Poster session 1/Coffee break
17:45-18:45 Invited speaker: Maribel Romero
Tense and Mood in Counterfactual Conditionals: the View from Spanish handout video

Thursday, September 12

9:00-9:30 Registration
9:30-10:15  Berit Gehrke and Louise McNally 
Event individuation by objects: evidence from frequency adjectives handout video
10:15-11:00  Lelia Glass
The creative and the fluffy: construing properties two ways in English D+Adj slides video
11:00-11:30  Coffee break 
11:30-12:15 Moshe Levin and Daniel Margulis
Universal quantifiers as existentials undercover: evidence from Hebrew kol slides video
12:15-13:00  Gregory Scontras, Cheng-Yu Edwin Tsai, Kenneth Mai and Maria Polinsky
Chinese Scope: an experimental investigation slides video
13:00-15:00  Lunch break 
15:00-15:45  Yaron McNabb and Doris Penka
The interpretation of superlative modifiers and deontic modals: an experimental investigation slides video
15:45-16:30   Kristina Liefke
 A single-type semantics for the PTQ-fragment slides video
16:30-18:00  Poster session 2/Business meeting/Coffee break 
18:00-19:00  Invited speaker: Gennaro Chierchia
Questions about questions and free relatives  (joint work with Ivano Caponigro) handout video

Friday, September 13

9:30-10:30  Invited speaker: David Barner
Ignorance, alternatives, and implicature slides video
10:30-11:15  Salvador Mascarenhas
An interpretation-based account of illusory inferences from disjunction handout video
11:15-11:45  Coffee break 
11:45-12:30 Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine
Association with traces and the copy theory of movement handout video
12:30-13:15  Jeremy Kuhn
ASL loci: variables or features? handout slides video
13:15-15:15  Lunch break
15:15-16:00  Karlos Arregi, Itamar Francez and Martina Martinovic
Specificational subjects are individual concepts handout slides video
16:00-16:45 Mythili Menon and Roumyana Pancheva
The grammatical life of property concepts in Malayalam handout video


Poster Session 1

Roni Katzir and Raj Singh - Hurford disjunctions: evidence for embedded exhaustification and structural economy (Alternate Talk) poster

Pritty Patel-Grosz and Sigrid Beck - A lexical ambiguity analysis of again in Kutchi Gujarati  (Alternate Talk) 

Nadine Bade - Obligatory implicatures and the presupposition of too poster

Eva Csipak - Minimizers in conditional threats and promises poster

Todor Koev - Two puzzles about appositives: projection and perspective shift poster

Agata Maria Renans - The semantics of common nouns in Ga and their interaction with exclusive particles

Frank Sode and Mathias Schenner - A revision of Bech's generalization

Elaine Stranahan - Local vs. global Maximize Presupposition and the temporal duration parameter poster

Bob van Tiel and Bart Geurts - Truth and typicality in the interpretation of quantifiers

Poster Session 2

Helena Aparicio Terrasa - Additive readings in Spanish amount comparatives (Alternate Talk) poster

Tania Rojas-Esponda - A QUD account of the German particle doch (Alternate Talk) poster

Marta Abrusan - On the focus-sensitive presupposition triggers too, again, also, even

Lisa Bylinina - Uniqueness and membership in comparison classes poster

Heather Burnett - Adjectival ALL: a new argument for slack regulation

Kathryn Davidson and Deanna Gagne - Vertical representation of quantifier domains poster

Scott Grimm - Individuating the abstract

Hazel Pearson and Jeruen Dery - Dreaming de re and de se: experimental evidence for the Oneiric Reference Constraint poster

Osamu Sawada - On the context-dependent pragmatic strategies of Japanese diminutive shift poster

Maria Spychalska, Jarmo Kontinen and Markus Werning - Logical vs. pragmatic interpretation of the quantifier some: differential ERP effects evoked by scalar implicature violations in a sentence-picture verification paradigm poster

Aaron Steven White and Thomas Grano - An experimental investigation of partial control poster

Yimei Xiang - Neg-raising: focus and implicatures  poster