The game is set in a completely alternate universe from the one we live in.   It is a universe that has a lot of speculative similarities to our own, where generally the foundations of physics are the same, and the nature of humanity is very similar.   It's a world reminiscent of modern Space Opera (Think Star Wars, and Star Trek) combined with a great deal of the modern age of comic book superheroes.   The world is literally the brain child of two people who wished to put their favorite genera together into one seamless setting.

Humanity is -=not=- the homo-sapien sapien race of Earth.  In fact, as far as our story is concerned, Earth never existed.  The Race(s) of human kind come from a number of 'seed' worlds where human kind was the only sentient, and there for dominant species.  These words had very natural; interaction upon meeting, and after years of strife and conflict buried their differences, and allied, forming The Core.  Some believe that this is the simple evolution of the human condition (Love thy neighbor), while others believe the reason was a great deal more sinister and xenophobic.

Humanity -has- come in contact with non human alien, races, and have fought wars with them... mad, seemingly genocidal wars, and though no war is active today... humanity still keeps it's distance.

What ever the case may be  life within The  Core is suspiciously devoid of any known alien involvement.   The Core is human... pure and simple.


This is the Era of faster than light, hyper drives. Nearly limitless energy productions make beam weapons, and technology extremely manageable, so weapons such as blasters, Lasers, and the sort are common place. There is no personal transporter tech (The Caster is a ship or planet side apparatus that needs a super sentient computer to run, and is Far too large, heavy and unwieldy to be otherwise mobile.), no full body cloning (Though parts cloning is done all the time). Genetic therapy means there isn't a -need- for cybernetics, but Cybernetics do exist. Artificial intelligence exists, but is programmatically subservient to their human masters, and flawless in this programming. There is no circumventing of this.


The universe is crawling with sentient aliens; however most of them simply want to wipe man from the face of it. The only other well known sentient are the AI’s, and the Servant AI Robots: Called S.A.R.C.’s that are ubiquitous throughout The Core worlds. The Core systems know a lot of luxury at the hands of the servile S.A.R.C., and in the Out lands, and even in the Frontier some S.A.R.C. even serve Combat and Military Roles

CARTOGRAPHY There are 3 main areas of distinction:

The Corewhich is the societal heart of human civilization where government lives, and where the brunt of human society is located, The Out lands, existing well beyond the boundaries of the Union Controlled Core, where the alien monstrosities live, and where all manner of adventure can be found, and finally The Frontier… the most dangerous area of space that separates The Core from the Out lands. These three areas are the grand stage upon which our story takes place. The Core worlds lay at the center of this great place, held in protectorate by The Union’s standing Military Force (Called the Fist), and it’s elite police force, known as the Apex, all stationed on the frontier where they stand in constant vigil, guarding against the atrocities and threats from the Out Lands.


While not exactly a space exploration game, the stories are meant to be filled with intrigue, the unexpected, and discovery of truths, and lies told throughout. In reality this game will shape the writing efforts of me and my colleague in the development of both the Full Featured Table Top R.P.G., as well as the Novel Cycle we’re working on (Which this game is born of). It is for this reason we ask that we keep plagiarism to an absolute minimum, and also join understanding that you will be muses for the finished product. We won’t directly utilize your writing and work; save as points of inspiration.

In this first story, the players will form an Tactical Solutions Squad (ATS Squad), basically a government sponsored superhero team that live out on the frontier, away from family and friends.   They are an elite special forces team, gifted with technologically enhanced bodies and minds that grant them super powers.  These powers are not considered permanent, and these men and women are subject to these powers only as long as they are on tour.   When they are shipped home, after their tour of duty, the powers are stripped away, and the reintegrate into society (It's obvious why... superpowered beings roaming the core worlds is a very -very- dangerous thing).

ATS Missions will evolve a great many things:  

  • Discovery and transport of alien artifacts.   
  • Justification (Investigation and preparation) of new potentially habitable Worlds, 
  • Protection, and id to frontier colonies and interests
  • Intercepting and dealing with alien threats to Core Security.
All in all the stories are supposed to play out as heroic actions of a special forces, special investigations team.  Of course, things are -not- quite as they seem, so put some thought into your characters background and story.