Sualeh Khurshid

I am a Doctoral student in Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University. My research interests span fundamental sciences, engineering and computing with current focus being on fluid mechanics and high performance computing. In particular, I am studying fundamental problems in fluid turbulence using extremely parallel direct numerical simulations (DNS).

I am a Hagler Institute for Advanced Study (HIAS) HEEP Graduate Fellow working under the supervision of Dr. Diego Donzis as a Graduate Research Assistant in Turbulence and Advanced Computations Laboratory. As part of HEEP fellowship, we collaborate with HIAS Faculty Fellow Dr. K.R. Sreenivasan (HIAS profile here). I have also held short-term research appointments at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and New York University.

I completed my undergraduate education in Aerospace Engineering and Physics from Texas A&M University. My undergraduate research focussed on the interaction between thermal non-equilibrium and decaying turbulence. I also worked on computational modelling of non-premixed bluff body flames and high energy physics for a brief period.