Trondheim - Oslo (a bike adventure)

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2000, 2002,

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Iris, age ???, now retired, former area sales manager

Styrkeproven (Norway)

Review of the bike Tour Trondheim Oslo (Norway)

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

Well, I have participated this tour 4 times.

The 2003 tour I have not completed. I went into a support car. Not mine, but I have been invited...!

My advise: never take a support car with you! You will never complete the tour!

It is partly a race. The Norwegian teams are very strong. They do the distance of 540 kilometers in less than 14 hours, which results in an average of round 40 kilometers/hr.

There is a rather 'high' mountain to climb. The Dovrefjell mountain is only round 1.000 meters high. But remember: you start at sea level. And as all the little rivers cross the climb, you got the feeling you do this mountain three times...

There is only one receipt to finish the tour: ride your own speed! Feel well. Do not burn out in strong groups. Lillehammer is key station. Only 180 kilometers left to head for Oslo.

Once I made a big mistake: I have been resting just 5 minutes more as usual and wasn' t able to restart again. My speed felt down to unbelievable values (18 kilometers per hour). To come back to 'normal' has taken another 100 kilometers...

Keep in mind: the big teams ride in groups and do not like others to take advantage of the group. I learned quickly, as one of a group rider pushed me out of road. My warning 'if you do it again...', was not heard. He repeated: 'if you quarrel, we are forty, if like to can discuss it with all our tour guys...'. No way! Stay out of teams!

Moreover, teams a riding for a good time (14 hours!) - I have needed more than 20 hours.

Teams are riding in Belgium cycle continuously, at least until Lillehammer. For 'normal' riders this is too much...!

Some impressions:

I do not know, what means the the Norwegian army applied to motivate the guys to do the tour...