Homemade Wine Making With Low Alcohol Content

You may be surprised to find that a high percentage of alcohol is not everything. Many various wines are made in the range of eight to eleven percent of alcohol at the lower end. Some wines made with the recipes based by the book, of course, while wines made by the recipes in most winemaking books are a good deal stronger than others made by brand names.

It makes sense that a good percentage of alcohol ensures that wines keep well for a longer period of time. Sometimes a stray spore of yeast, either left in the wine or contaminated, will begin to reproduce and live on the sugar present. The only way to avoid this is to make a homemade wine that is extremely dry in nature. But, not all people like dry wines.

Some people prefer teir wines to be medium dry to medium sweet or even sweet. Fortunately, the wines made based on the recipes in winemaking books must keep well because they contain enough alcohol to destroy any yeast or bacteria that may reach them and provided the maximum alcohol has been reached, and if all procedures have been followed this will have been achieved.

The primary goal in making low alcohol wines is to add just enough sugar to make the amount of alcohol needed and to allow the wine to ferment strait out. Often wine will be dry if you use less than two pounds of sugar in one gallon. If two gallons are being made, always double the amount of sugar. For example, if you have decided on making wine of ten percent of alcohol, the amount of sugar must be one pound fourteen ounces per gallon.

So, now you should be able to take any recipe in your recipe books -except those containing dried fruit as these contain lots of sugar- and instead use one pound and fourteen ounces of sugar. Also be sure to remember that if invert sugar is being used, it contains some moisture, so for every pound of household sugar, you must use one and a quarter pounds of invert sugar.