Hay meadow
The reserve has an increasing abundance of flora and fauna.

For many years now, Ann Bowker has been doing a fantastic job at recording the glow worms and butterflies at the reserve. For more details see the following pages:

Glow worms



Here are some highlights of the reserve:

The new woodland - when the reserve was initially set up, 4,000 young saplings were planted on the northern and western boundaries. These have now grown up into fabulous trees.

The wildflower meadows - which have an ever increasing abundance of wildflowers. It has been particularly noticeable that the variety of wildflowers has increased since grazing started in the autumn of 2007.

The mixed grassland areas - large open spaces, groups of interesting non-native trees and flowers, birch woodland and ox-eye daisies characterise this area of the reserve.

Ancient woodland and plantation area - this section is fenced off for health and safety reasons, but provides many areas for wildlife to thrive.

Further Info

Flora Survey 2008

Definitive St Wulstan's Species List 2007