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2017-18 Athletic Registration is taking place...
Please fill out this Google form if your child plans on playing a sport next year.  

KULA.com Fundraiser

How does kula work?

Kula takes the time and effort out of fundraising by making it simpler for everyone involved. Instead of hassling friends and loved ones about buying raffle tickets or wrapping paper, all you have to do is shop your favorite brands through our website. These amazing brands will then donate a percentage of every purchase to St. Vincent de Paul. 

No more buying wrapping paper or going to charity car washes! Kula lets you easily donate to your favorite school simply by shopping online, buying gift cards, or booking your dream vacation. A portion of your purchase is automatically donated to St. Vincent de Paul School. Here’s how to get started:

Join kula and link your account to St. Vincent de Paul School. Shop through the kula Shop and Earn channels to activate the donations. Track your contributions through your personalized dashboard.