Let us hold fast to that which has been believed everywhere, always and by all....

Almighty and everlasting God, from whom cometh every good and perfect gift; Send down upon our Bishops and other Clergy, and upon the Congregations committed to their charge, the healthful spirit of thy grace; 

And, that they may truly please thee, pour upon them the continual dew of  thy blessing. 

Grant this, O Lord, for the honour of our Advocate and Mediator, Jesus Christ. 


A Prayer for Clergy and People: Matins and Vespers

Please feel free to visit us for Orthodox worship within the Western tradition.  Sunday Mass is at 10:00 a.m.  Weekday and Feast Day service times may vary, please check this weeks bulletin for the schedule or call for information. St Vincent’s offers an active church women's organization, music program and Sunday School for all ages and a bookstore. 

St Vincent’s was founded in 1990 as a Western Rite Parish of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. We hold to the ancient faith of the Orthodox Church. Our Liturgy is the Rite of St Tikhon, derived from the traditional language of the Non Juror Book of Common Prayer, but corrected for use in Orthodoxy.  We are a part of the Diocese of Wichita and Mid America under the omophoron of his Grace, Bishop Basil (Essey). 

By the use of Western liturgical traditions, we are reclaiming a part of a rich cultural legacy that was taken from Orthodoxy almost 700 years ago.  For the first 1000 years of the church, it was the norm to allow  different liturgical practices based on location and culture. It was only after the time of the great schism of 1054 that Orthodoxy lost most of its Western liturgical usages. Even on the Holy Mountain of Mt Athos, the Western Rite Benedictine monastery of  St Mary  existed until the late 13th century. Through the efforts of modern saints of the church, such as St Tikhon of Moscow and St John of San Francisco, and visionaries such as Metropolitan Antony (Bashir) and Metropolitan Philip (Saliba), Western liturgies are once again in use within the Orthodox church.  We bring the Western liturgical tradition back to its rightful place, beside the Eastern liturgies, as a vital and valid expression of the teachings and faith of the Orthodox faith.  We invite you to join us.

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