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A NewGarvYear



The Artist I Used Is Keith Garvey If You Wish To Use The Same Image You Must
Purchase A License. You Can Purchase A Licence From MyPspTubes HERE
The Scrapkit I Used Is FTU It Belongs To My Friend Tyger From Tyger Tidbits
Called Happy New Year 2010 If you Download This Kit Remember To Give Her
A Big Thank You. You Can Get Tyger Kit HERE
The Font I Used Is Called TapeWorm PTU Sorry Cannot Share.
Plugins I Used -Toadies What Are You
EyeCandy Gradient Glow
Ok Lets Begin
Open A New Image 600x600.
Copy And Paste Gold Starry Frame As A New Layer  Gradient Glow Width 3 Medium White
Copy And Paste The Silver Starry Frame As a New Layer Resize 95 Percent.Gradient Glow 3 Medium White
Copy And Paste The Pink Starry Frame Resize 90 percent .Gradient Glow 3 Medium White.
Merge These 3 Layers Together.Duplicate.On The Original Toadies What Are You 20 20
Copy And Paste The Square Frame Of Choice As A New Layer.Place In The Center
Of Your Starry Frame Layer.With Your Magic Wand Click Inside The Center Of The Frame Selections
Modify Expand by 4 Copy And Paste A Paper Of Choice.Move The paper Layer Below Your Frame
Copy And Paste A Close Up Tube As A New Layer.Move This Layer Below Your Frame But Above
Your paper Layer.Select None.Add Dropshadow To The Tube Layer I Used. 0,0,48,4,Black
Copy And Paste The Bottle As A New Layer Resize As needed And Move To the Left Of Your Tag
See Mine For placement.Copy And Paste The Champagne Glass As a New Layer.Resize As Needed
And Move Next To Your Bottle See Mine For Placement.
Copy And Paste A Hat As a New Layer Resize And Place Where I have Mine.
Copy And Paste A Bow As a New Layer Place The Bottom Of Your Frame.
Copy And Paste Your Main Tube As a New Layer.Arrange To The Left Resize As Needed.
Copy And Paste 3 Balloons As New Layers Resize As Needed A Move To The Top Of The
Ribbon Of The Hat. Arrange So You Have Different Heights.Now Grab Your Rectangle
Selection Tool And Draw A Selection Around Your String Of Your Balloons.Make Sure
You Are On Your Balloon Layer And Hit Delete.You Need To Do This For The 3 Balloon Layers
Select None.
Copy And Paste The Bubbles Of Choice as a New layer Resize As Needed resize So The 2
Bottom Bubbles Are On The White Part Of The Champagne Glass Now With Your Eraser Tool
I Erased A Few Of The Bubbles To The Left
Add Noise To Your Bubbles Gaussian 48 Monochrome
Add Drop Shadow To Your Elements.0,0,48,4,Black
Add Your Name.Select Paper Of Choice From The Kit.Minimise And Select Your Background
in Your Material Pallette.Ok.I Selected The Foreground palette And Gradient And Used The
Metal Brass Gradient That came With psp 0 Angle 0 Repeats And I Selected The Invert Box
Choose Your Font Width 1 Type Out Your Name Arrange To Your Liking.Convert To Raster
Add Dropshadow
Add Your Artist Copyright.Add Your Own Water Mark As The Creator Of The Tag.
Crop And Resize Save As a Png.
Thank You For Trying My Tutorial.
This Tutorial Was Written By Stu On 13th Dec 2009
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