Cleaning Supplies

At the museum we learned about cleaning supplies. Here are some of the things we saw: Cactus Polish and cleaner, Dusarb, Bruce Cleaning Wax, Munns Hot Water Wall Size,Window Bruce Floor Cleaner, and Expello. The guide set them on a table. They were in tin cans and glass bottles. There was some powdered cleaner in a box. It was so cool.

Dusorb; a liquid that absorbs dust.

Bruce Floor Cleaner; a liquid that cleans hard wood floors

Bruce Cleaning Wax ; liquid that makes wood floors shine

Window Cleaner; a liquid applied on a sponge or cloth to clean windows

Expello ; Powder , sprinkle on cloth , couch ,moth killer , deoderant , mildew.

Munns Hot Water and Wall Size; Powder-box-put on before paint dissolve in water and paint on.

Cactus Polish and cleaner;a liquid that was used to clean and polish all finishes