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  • This application offers a collection of over 1000 essential Bible verses on many important topics such as Faith, Relationships, Money &
  • The books of the Bible that are considered canonical number 24 for Jews, 66 for Protestants, 73 for Catholics, and 78 for most Orthodox Christians.
  • Lacking intelligence or common sense
  • Used to express exasperation or boredom
  • lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity
  • Dazed and unable to think clearly
  • a person who is not very bright; "The economy, stupid!"
  • dazed: in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock; "he had a dazed expression on his face"; "lay semiconscious, stunned (or stupefied) by the blow"; "was stupid from fatigue"
stupid bible verses
stupid bible verses - Touching and
Touching and Heartfelt Poem for GrandParents - For My Grandfather, Memories Are... Poem on 11 x 14 inches Double Beveled Matting (Black On Gold)
Touching and Heartfelt Poem for GrandParents - For My Grandfather, Memories Are... Poem on 11 x 14 inches Double Beveled Matting (Black On Gold)
For Grandparents: Beautiful and Inspiring Poem to tell your Grandparents how much you love them. Show them your love, give them a gift from the heart. Like a card, a poem can express your feelings, but poem can be framed and displayed. It's a wonderful gift that will be cherished for years to come. **Caption for entire poem: ** Memories are one of the true riches That life offers and right now, so many Wonderful thoughts fill my mind of you. They are very special because They are my very own to treasure forever. From the time I was a child, I have been blessed with The strength and support you give. You have placed your trust in me, and I know I can never repay you no matter how hard I try. I have seen in you a God-given love and you Have shown this love for me in everything you have done. May God bless your life as fully as I have been blessed because of you. I Love You!

ez36-26-28 kFkART
ez36-26-28 kFkART
John Gill's exposition of v26: Verse 26. A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you,.... A "new heart" and a "new spirit" are one and the same; that is, a renewed one; renewed by the Spirit and grace of God; in which a new principle of life is put; new light is infused; a new will, filled with new purposes and resolutions; where new affections are placed, and new desires are formed; and where there are new delights and joys, as well as new sorrows and troubles; the same which in the New Testament is called the "new man," and the new creature, Ephesians 4:24. The Targum paraphrases it, "a heart fearing, and a spirit fearing;" where the true fear of God is, a truly gracious heart; and which is purely the gift of God, and is the fruit of his rich grace, abundant mercy, and great love: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh; the Targum is, "and I will break the heart of the wicked, which is hard as a stone;" this is a heart hardened by sin, and confirmed in it; destitute of spiritual life and motion; senseless and stupid, stubborn and inflexible; on which no impressions are made; and which remains hard and impenitent: now this is in "the flesh," in corrupt nature; and this hardness of heart is natural to men; and all who have it are after the flesh, or are carnal; and it requires omnipotence to remove it; it cannot be taken out by men of themselves: nor by ministers of the word; nor by the bare mercies and judgments of God; but by the powerful and efficacious grace of God; giving repentance unto life; working faith in the soul, to look to a crucified Christ; and shedding abroad the love of God in the heart, which softens and melts it; all which is done by the Spirit, and frequently by means of the word. This is interpreted, in the Talmud {n}, of the evil imagination, or corruption of nature; and is one of the names of it, a stone; and it refers, it is said {o}, to the time or world to come, the days of the Messiah: and I will give you an heart of flesh; a heart sensible of sin and danger; a penitent one, soft and tender, through the love and fear of God; a spiritual and sanctified heart; submissive to the will of God; flexible and obsequious to the commands of Christ; on which impressions are made by the grace of God; where the laws of God are written, the Gospel of Christ is put; where Christ himself is formed; where are the fear of God, faith, hope, and love, and every other grace. {n} T. Bab. Succah, fol. 52. 1. {o} Debarim Rabba, fol. 242. 2. & Shirhashirim Rabba, fol. 3. 2. My textures in the background, textures by KerstinFrankart applied to the seperate photos.
[21.365] God is -
[21.365] God is -
Love isn't what the world makes it out to be today. God is love; people fail to realize that. Without God in a relationship, it will suffer. Without God in your life, you will suffer. I've been suffering. I ache for God. Recently, I have been so busy, God has been put on the backburner. I don't want to put God on the backburner. I want to Love him with all that I am. Likewise, when it comes to guys, I hope that the person i will date wil feel the same way. Together, we'll be unbreakable. Today, i've spend the day thinking of crafts, writing in my journal, finishing up some math work [i'm almost done!] and most importantly, getting back into Gods word. its refreshing. List of things I want in a guy: - Someone who could be a good christian leader for the relationship. We can be there and help and pray for each other when its needed. - Someone who will always build me up, and I build them up as well. - honesty - Someone who is a good listener, AND a good talker. - patient - loves me, and is proud of it. someone who won't hide their feelings from anyone. - Chivalry!! I cannot stress this one enough. It isn't dead. - Someone who won't have a big potty mouth. - Someone who will put God first, even before me. edit// I just watched the bachelorette and oh man! cute stuff. Why don't guys around here do stuff like that? I think i'm speaking for the majority of the girls here when i say that if you do or say something cute or think about an original date, we won't roll our eyes or think you're stupid; but rather think its adorable and heartfelt. adurdur.
stupid bible verses
stupid bible verses
Crazy Love DVD Study Resource
It's crazy, if you think about it. The God of the universe loves us with a radical, unconditional, self-sacrificing love. And what is our typical response? We go to church, sing songs, and try not to cuss. God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself. Because the answer to religious complacency isn't working harder at a list of do's and don'ts—it's falling in love with God.
The Crazy Love Study Resource helps you and your small group to dive deeper into God's love. A companion to the best-selling Crazy Love book, by pastor Francis Chan, this 10-week study follows a day-in-the-life of Francis in the form of ten, 10-minute segments that correspond to each chapter of Crazy Love. These thought-provoking teachings are designed spark discussion, interaction, and practical application of the Crazy Love message with small groups, churches, youth groups, and individuals.
DVD includes:
Ten teaching segments with questions for small group discussion.
Printable Small Group Study Guide.
Behind-the-scenes footage and outtakes