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Club Mission Statement
FTA's mission is to enhance the appreciation of teaching in the 21st century in order to provide the greatest opportunities and challenges for us as we take an active role in shaping the future. We are commited to provide the most current community services, resources, and activities through diversity of the world cultures.
The Future Teachers of America club is associated with the national Future Educators Association. FTA is open to all students interested in any aspect of the educational field. Activities provide members with insightful information in what is involved in becoming an educator. Members learn the importance of participation and commitment to the responsibilities of being a member of a working community. It is the objective of FTA to develop interested members into individuals committed to the further development of a quality educational system through increased self-confidence and determination. Members have opportunity to demonstrate leadership and responsibility to achieve a common goal thrugh different volunteering opportunities. All future educators and non-educators are welcome to goin.
Club Shirts = $10