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Fall 2012 Officers!

Emily Brooks

Places studied: 
  Semester at Sea 

Gabrielle Castagno

 Vice President 
Places studied: Italy, England  


 Helen Hau
 Communications Director
 Places studied: 
 Barcelona, Spain 


 Austin Powell 
  Public Relations Director 
  Places studied: Paris, France 


Sara Law

Creative Director 
Places studied:
Argentina, Brazil, Mexico,   

Become an Officer!

Students for Study Abroad is growing rapidly and we are looking for fellow internationally minded students to help run the organization.               

General Requirements:
  • 3 office hours a week (5 for president)
  • Plan, organize, and attend events
  • Create, improve, and maintain our programs
  • Communicate and work with the other officers
  • Sell your soul to Google
  • Gain real life work experience
  • Network with other internationally minded people
  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • Eat free food at all of the events
  • Form lasting friendships

Send us an email at stufsa@gmail.com, if you are interested in becoming a more active member!