About us

Oriental Pearl, is a pearl jewelry company in Thailand. We specialize in fresh water pearl necklace and other pearl jewelry's design, processing, domestic and international wholesale, pearl export.

Our aim is to continuous innovation and development for "world-class quality pearl experts" for corporate positioning, focus on brand image, and steady growing to become the pearl industry in the best companies.

Our every pearl direct from the pearl farm manufacturer to our company, by cutting out all the Middlemen, we are able to offer you truly wholesale price.

We have wide varieties of pearls of different quality, including the top quality round pearls which is available for customers' selection. The pearl with plenty of specifications and varieties, including round pearl, rice pearl, flat pearl, baroque pearl, reborn pearl, etc. With superior quality, wide varieties, original designs, and our friendly sales team, our products have always been popular in Australian, European, American, Japanese, and other parts of the Asian markets. Meeting customers' special requirements is always our prime priority.