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Cheap Textbooks

It’s possible to save enormous sums of money each semester by simply buying your textbooks online. All you need to know are the books you need to order. Additionally, it is often extremely helpful to know the ISBN number of the text.

Call the QCC-CUNY bookstore for such information: 718-631-4200

Armed with that information, you should visit Half.com, which can be reached by clicking the hyperlink below:

If time is of the essence, request priority or express shipping.

Or you could compare prices from all the major sites with a single click by visiting:


And there is a very interesting textbook experiment underway called OpenStax, which provides free digital textbooks to all interested students in a growing number of disciplines.

If you prefer having an edition printed and sent to you, then there is a 40$ fee. Otherwise, it is completely free.

Click to download a free Economics text: