My Shops

For my 3D printed designs, this is the place to go. Shapeways has a great selection of materials, and good, consistent print quality. You will receive anything that you order from here as 3D printed pieces- if it requires assembly, you will have to do it yourself. If you want something pre-assembled, please contact me, details are provided on each product page. Direct from Shapeways is a cheaper option, and I will provide help and instructions, but it can require time and work to get it just right! Shipping is reasonable, unbelievably speedy, and can be tracked every step of the way, but customs charges may come at the door.

Ponoko- Stuff by Steve

Ponoko is the place to go for my laser cut designs. They have a huge selection of materials in different colours for laser cutting. You will receive anything that you order from here as an entire sheet, with the pieces cut out. You will have to pop them out and peel off the film yourself, and assemble anything that requires it. I will provide help and instructions if needed. If you are ordering multiple laser cut designs in the same material and colour, it may be cheaper to combine them onto one sheet. Please contact me if this applies to you.
Ponoko can also send you 3D printed pieces, but I have not used this service yet. Combining orders of laser cut and 3D printed pieces (instead of using Shapeways for 3D printing and Ponoko for laser cutting) will save on shipping, but be warned that the results may not be as good as from Shapeways. Due to different restrictions, some items may not be possible, and most will be more expensive. Please contact me if you would like to try this option.
Fairly speedy shipping with a rate paid to Ponoko and no charge at the door.

Coming eventually.