Training, skills and green jobs: learning for sustainability

This study visit number 157 will be celebrated in Málaga from the 9th to the 12th of April 2013.

This page is for our participants. We hope that you find the information useful before the visit related with accommodation, transport from the airport, weather, and general information related with the theme of the visit and the plannig that will be more precise as starting date draws closer and we will be adding further information to this page.

By the moment you have:     
  We will be adding more information about:

- Relevant information / documents / related with the topic:
 "Training, Skills and Green Jobs: learning for sustainability"
- Background information. Group Reports on the topic.
- Links

- Week´s Planning:     Activity Coordination
                                 Background Information
                                 Group Report
                                 Participants information
                                 Participants presentations

- Links related with the Visits / Activities.