Courses & Registration

Arabic Courses For Sisters ONLY


I offer two types of Arabic Courses: 
  • Group Classes (For FREE with Admission fee of $15 dollars per person): Class contains more than or less than 7 students but no more than 10 students. 
  • Private Classes ($13 Per Hour per person)*
  • Private Shared Classes (2 persons per classes; $9 per person per hour)*
All classes take place via skype and for group classes' screen share is via google hangout. Therefore, all students must have a free account with (google+) and to join the classes.

*Pop quizzes are given randomly to keep students focused on the study


Registration Form for the classes is here: 
Arabic Study Background Information Form is here: 

  1. Paypal: (Include the fees with your Total amount of $/money and Find out the amount of fees for your total of amount of $ from this site:
  2. Western Union: Send to my name: Nasrin Akther, (Please note: paypal fees are less than western union fees, so if you prefer to use paypal, do that)

**** TO INITIATE YOUR ARABIC CLASS REGISTRATION, Please email me @ with answers to the following questions ****
  1. What is your name? *
  2. What type of Arabic Class do you wish to join? *
  3. Do you know for Private classes the fee per hour is $13 dollars and no less? *
  4. Do you know that for the free group classes there is a $15 dollars registration and admission fee? *
  5. Do you know all payment is via western-union and paypal only? *
  6. If you are answer to the last 3 questions is yes, then are you ready to enroll to either of the classes? *
  7. If your answer to the above question is yes, then leave me your email to contact you for further interactions regarding the classes *
Books that I teach for the learning of Arabic are: 
  • Madinah Books
  • An-Nawh Al-Wadeeh 
  • At-Tuhfatus-Suniyah Fi Sharhe Ajjurumiah
  • Al-Kitab Textbook
  • Al-Arabiyatu Bayna Yadayk
  • Possibly others as well