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JSCC Study Abroad - WWII England/France 2018 -LONDON, NORMANDY & PARIS Spring Break 2018 

Created: 8/2016 - last updated: 7/04/2017
Study Alabama A Consortium for Global Engagement and Economic Development is pleased to provide this resource to the members of the State of Alabama Community College System as they plan and develop their resources and Education Abroad efforts.

Anyone may present information or resources for placement in one or more categories outlined on this page.  Feel free to recommend additional resource categories as well.  To share information, edits, updates, or any other input please feel free to use the CONTACT US link.

Definition: For the purposes of this site EA or Education Abroad (also known as study abroad) is defined in its broadest sense: traditional study abroad programs, internships/service learning abroad, research abroad, exchanges, and much more.

Study Alabama follows the Forum on Education Abroad guidelines and recommendations as outlined in the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, 5th ed. (2015)

    Resources Links for Students, Faculty and Staff
    • ACCS Study Abroad Programs - current and past programs hosted by ACCS institutions including any partnership programs with other universities and colleges in the state or US.
    • EA Fair Calendar - universities and colleges across the State hold information fairs for students and faculty - check the calendar regularly as this is updated as often as possible
    • EA STUDENT RESOURCES - On these pages you will find funding opportunities and program options for students that either connect with community college curriculum offerings or provide additional elective opportunities for students to enrich their academic endeavors.
    • EA SCHOLARSHIPS - Here you will find scholarship opportunities for community college students from Alabama universities.
    • EA ADMIN Resources The resources listed on this page will range for policy examples to news items about education abroad in the community college system or of potential interest to the administrators, faculty and staff (and yes even student).
     To share information, edits, updates, or any other input please feel free to use the CONTACT US link.