STUDYALABAMA.ORG has as its goals to promote:
  • the international enrollment goals of the member institutions.
  • a more diverse learning environment (including education/experiences abroad) to help Alabama students be more competitive in a global workplace.
  • new economic, research and academic opportunities for Alabama businesses through the influx of international students, scholars and their families.
  • lasting relationships between the Alabama local communities, international organizations and businesses, students and scholars and Alabama education institutions that will benefit Alabama international trade and investment.
  • collaborative efforts in International Education across Alabama’s education institutions and organizations with international partners both foreign and domestic.

With its history going back to 1984, ACIP (Alabama Council for International Programs) has been an Alabama higher education institution supported membership organization whose mission is to provide leadership for international education in the State of Alabama through advocacy, development, and implementation of shared goals. This concept of study Alabama arose from discussions within ACIP in 2004. For an abbreviated history of international education efforts across the state and of the organization click HERE(IE Historical related to Study Alabama).   Go to the following link for Alabama Economic Development Partnerships and Resources.

Alabama Sister Cities and States around the world, globally connected in industry as well!

Global AlabamaMap of Foreign Direct Investment businesses in Alabama and listing of companies

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