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SA/CGEED Organizing Documents 
(Public Record Files): 

 Type of Meeting    Date/Agenda  Location   Minutes
SA/CGEED Annual Membership Business Meeting November 30, 2016   Agenda Alabama Dept of Commerce Bldg, ADECA Conference Room, Montgomery, Alabama 11/30/216 Minutes
 Governing Board  Business MeetingNovember 2, 2016   Agenda Alabama Dept of Commerce Bldg, ADC Conference Room, Montgomery, Alabama11/2/16 Minutes
   Governing Board  Business Meeting       February 4, 2016  Agenda ver 1132016       Jefferson State Community College - Shelby Hoover Campus (Parking instructions)            2/4/16 Minutes

SA/CGEED Organizing Documents (Public Record Files): 

E                      EVENT  Date Location  Notes

 GSM USA Roadshow 2016
see flyer for Study Alabama member registration arrangements 
 October 28th, 2016
Registration required -  see

On the campus of the University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama

 Registration and event information for Study Alabama members
US Dept of Commerce 
Mexico Education Sector Briefing  

June 9, 2016, 10:00 - 11:00AM  open attendance general session.  RSVP arranged 9:00-10:00 and 11:15-1:00 individual 15 min. meetings with representative.

Campus visits by USDOC representatives: June 8 Birmingham Southern College and June 9 University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Birmingham Business Alliance, 
505 20th Street North, Suite 200, 
Birmingham, AL 35203

updated 6/8/2016


 Date posted Documents / Resources 
 10/31/2016 Alabama FDI map based on 2014 data (w flags)
 10/31/2016    GSM Advertising 2016    
 10/31/2016     Study Alabama 2 page flyer - general

Please Scroll down for additional past historical information - information order on this page is present to past information   

UPDATE as of 07/15/2016:  10/07/2015 meeting information and related documents, with updates as noted

Organizing Committee (OC) meeting documents:
Note: committee ceased function on 10/07/2015 with the election of officers and the establishment of the governing board:
Meeting February 12, 2015 documents:

RFP UPDATE as of 6/23/2015 - 8/1/2015:  Following review by the SA/CGEED Organizing Committee has proposed an updated name for the organization to be included in the bylaws and in addition has revised/updated the following RFP for its web presence project.  

Opened 6/23/2015 - CLOSED 8/1/2015
SA/CGEED Request for Proposals (RFP) 
Close Date:  July 31, 5:00PM (Central)
Design and Development of SA/CGEED Web Presence
This RFP has been revised, please read the document in its entirety.

As of 4/24/2015:  Beginning June 2014 and more intensively Fall 2014 the US Department of Commerce and Alabama Department of Commerce have actively fostered the proposal below through meetings with Chief International Education Officers, Senior Higher Education Administration (Presidents, VP's and others).  This culminated in an organizing meeting on February 12, 2015 where the designated institutional representatives voted to begin the process of forming the ACGEED/SA and established an organizing committee to develop the web presence and recommend final bylaws for a Fall 2015 meeting of all the institutional representatives.  The following is the comprehensive package of materials that was shared with all colleagues and administrators in support of this effort (or  For more information contact:  Dr. Jim Ellis, Project Coordinator,

This RFP is now closed and available only for archival purposes.
ACGEED/SA Request for Proposals (posted 4/24/2015 - Closed 5/20/2105)
Design and Development of ACGEED/SA Web Presence



To learn more about the history of these and other efforts with respect to international education please continue reading below.

This page has been created to provide a basic historical summary of various international education aspects associated with higher education in the State of Alabama.  To add more information or details please contact me with updates and edits.

1. A history of the Alabama Council for International Programs (ACIP) 1983-2013
2. IE events at the state level 2000-2014 (summary) as background to the links below.

3. In 2000 ACIP in partnership with UA, ASU, Tuskegee University, USA and ACHE applied for and received a US Fulbright Group Program/Seminar Abroad award for the summer of 2001 to conduct the "Peace Studies Seminar: Egypt and the Middle East Process" at the American University in Cairo. Additionally in 2002 ACIP in partnership with UA, ASU, Tuskegee and USA applied for and received another Fulbright award for summer of 2003 to conduct a seminar titles: Guatemala: Development and Democracy in at Traditional Society in partnership with the Guatemala-Alabama Companeros de last Americas (a PVO). A third ACIP supported application (not funded) was made in 2009 through USA titled "Fulbright GPA Seminar Republic of Korea: "From Tradition to Modernity: A Half Century of Change and the Role of P-20 Education and Workforce Development in the Republic of Korea" in partnership with INHA University in South Korea."
ALABAMA International Education Resolutions:  

8. ACIP survey of IE in Alabama - brochure 2004
9. ACIP recruiting brochure for Brazil fair 2003
10. Council of Graduate Deans of Alabama 2011 recruiting powerpoint (PDF format) on international students.
11. Example of outstanding international education success story - alum of an Alabama University (more stories needed).
           a. Jonathan Hursh - 2014
12. Alabama Foreign Direct Investments countries by county with Alabama Economic Impact of International Students data - August, 2014

Key Articles to consider:
Publication 2014 on States Go Global - State Government Engagement in Higher Education - The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government with reference to US Dept of Commerce initiative and study .... by state organizations included.

Chronicle of Higher Education 7/2014: Universities Strive to Make Sure Researchers Are Included in Global Efforts (subscription required for this link):  "While institutions like North Texas are just starting to better connect their international and research offices, Colorado State University has made international research partnerships the core of its global strategy for nearly a decade. Colorado State’s president, Tony Frank, says the "most profound" evidence he has that the university’s approach has made a difference is that faculty members use global opportunities as a selling point when trying to attract top researchers."  .

Some links to historical NAFSA Association of International Educators pages related to state level consortia:

i.  NAFSAstate-level initiatives that benefit international education at the post-secondary level, such as legislation, proclamations, consortia, and commissions.  Does not appear to be up to date though...
ii. NAFSA States with IE resolutions - this page may be dated and NOT up to date.

Some key links to Commerce to consider:
a. US Educational Consortia across US states
c. US Dept. of Commerce Birmingham U.S. Export Assistance Center - contacts and location.
d. US Dept of Commerce  Export resource site - including country reports, office locations around the world and much, much more..

The history of Study Alabama initiative as of July 2014 is being written in partnership with the US Department of Commerce Birmingham at this time 7/28/2014.

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