STUDY ALABAMA: A Consortium for Global Engagement and Economic Development (SA/CGEED)

Study Alabama (SA/CGEED) is a member driven not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of Alabama with the primary objectives:
  • To raise the profile of the state of Alabama higher education sector as a global study/research destination with a focus on international student enrollment and education abroad goals of the member institutions.
  • To share expertise and experience in the field of global education and workforce development as well as to pool resources for the joint marketing of SA/CGEED member institutions and its programs related to international student, scholars and education abroad.
  • To foster the creation of a more diverse learning environment to help Alabama students become more competitive in a global workplace.
  • To foster awareness of the role of the Alabama Higher Education members in supporting economic development and international trade throughout the of State of Alabama and to encourage collaboration with the higher education sector by the US Dept of Commerce, Alabama Dept of Commerce and other local and regional commerce and economic development entities in the State of Alabama.
  • To foster strategic partnerships and lasting relationships between Alabama local communities, government organizations, international organizations/businesses, students and scholars and Alabama education institutions.
  • To collaborate in gaining greater access to government assistance (both state & federal) and private funding as well as in kind contributions to support the objectives of SA/CGEED and its members.

In February of 2015 SACGEED formed with the dissolution and incorporation of the ACIP (Alabama Council for International Programs) into into the new organization.  International education as a recognized element of Alabama higher education is historically rooted in the ACIP history which began in in 1984. ACIP formed as a higher education institutional membership organization whose mission was to provide leadership for international education in the State of Alabama through advocacy, development, and implementation of shared goals. The concept of Study Alabama arose from discussions within ACIP in 2004. For an abbreviated history of international education efforts across the state and of the organization 

For Current Meeting and Organizing information as well as historical documents go to this link Study Alabama (background and history).   

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