Service Learning and Spanish Immersion in Oaxaca, Mexico:

Increase Your Cultural Competence and Social Work Marketability!


SOWK 4980-01/5975-01
Credits: 3
Trip Dates: May 17-30, 2014 (class meetings are held prior to trip- see itinerary)
Pre-requisite: SPAN 1010; admitted major status/junior status for outside majors*

Service Learning and Spanish Immersion in Oaxaca, Mexico provides a unique learning opportunity for those seeking language and cultural immersion while also serving those in need. During our two week stay in this beautiful cultural center, students will attend Spanish language classes at the Becari Language School in the mornings, and receive formal instruction by native Spanish speakers in grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. In the afternoons, students will perform service learning at social service agencies that provide support to the poorest families in the city. Free time can be spent exploring the city, nearby ruins, and artisan markets.
*Social work students receive priority registration