Studio Post-Effect is a development tool for post effects (post process) creation. It is mainly designed for programmers and designers to quickly develop, debug and check pixel shaders and higher level effect compositions in real time.
However anybody is free to use (and "should" use) it to discover the wonderful world of post-processing and pixel shaders.

Programmers can use it to develop and debug pixel shaders in HLSL shader language, and designers can use it to compose higher level effects (compositions), based on programmers' provided pixel shaders.

This application is totally free to use for any kind of personal, professional and/or commercial projects.
The application is still in pre-alpha state, but now functionnal enough to be opened to the public and get feedback from users.

You can download the application (it contains base shaders and sample projects), and also pixel shaders pack separatly.
I'd like users from the world to share their pixel shaders and knowledge about image processing here and create a free reference library of pixel shaders.

Do not hesitate to feedback, in case of problems on the web site, for comments, requests, anything... posteffect@gmail.com
You can also visit the forum for help, question, request or anything else... Forum

Studio Post Effect condensed

Download application and watch tutorial video  now!!